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Did you know?

Overall, Latinos are experiencing good health despite poverty, lack of health insurance and low education attainment. This phenomenon is known as the Latino Epidemiological Paradox.

Latinos are more likely to work in industries that do not provide health care as a job benefit, and more frequently have barriers to coverage due to immigration status.

Blacks and Latinos share the same poverty rate at 24%  three times as high as the poverty rate of Whites and nearly twice as high as that of Asians.

27% of Latinos have no regular source of medical care, corresponding to their lower levels of health insurance coverage, a barrier to identifying and treating potentially serious conditions at an early stage.

Over one-third of Latino adults in Los Angeles County do not have health insurance. Many Latino communities suffer from severe shortage of physicians who speak Spanish and are culturally competent.

In 2001, 26% of Los Angeles' Latino youth (in grades 5,7, and 9) were considered overweight. This is the largest percentage when compared with other children in the same grades for other racial/ethnic groups in L.A.

Source: United Way LA


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