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Health Fair Resource Guide  

Health Fair
Resource Guide:

The online Health Fair Resource Guide has been designed to assist students and community groups in planning Health Fairs within Los Angeles County.

To this end, the Guide illustrates steps to consider when planning a health fair and provides resources that highlight particular health needs and health beliefs of specific population groups within the county.

 The Guide further shows how best to utilize this information to maximize the health benefits that community members may receive at a given health fair location.


Health Fair Calendar

Health Fairs occur regularly
across the county, at all times
of the year. Email us if you would
like your Health Fair included in
our calendar!

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Health in Los Angeles County (LAC)

Service Planning Areas (SPAs):
What is a SPA? What SPA contains my city?

Population Fact Sheets for LAC:
    What is the health status of LAC's various 
    racial/ethnic groups?

Using Data & Statistics (click to
    initiate download of complete PDF):
    Important Resources for Understanding
    the State of Healthcare in LAC and California

Fact Sheet Glossary: Terms and
    Statistical Measures used in compiling the Fact
    Sheet Data


Planning A Health Fair

Finding a Location for Your Health Fair

Mobile Van Contacts

Children's Activities

Health Education & Screening Info

Health Fair Materials Directory

Linking People to Services at Local Clinics

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