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Finding a Location for Your Health Fair

One of the most important steps to take while planning a health fair is finding an suitable location to host the event.
This portion of the health fair guide offers strategies for finding an appropriate location for your health fair in Los Angeles County.

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Hosting your Health Fair at a City/Cultural Event
One of the most challenging aspects of planning a health fair is getting people to attend.
Often times, there are too few people that show up to an advertised health fair or the target population may not be effectively recruited to participate. To alleviate this problem, we suggest that you connect your health fair with a city or cultural event. This way you will spend less time advertising your event to attract the appropriate population or target group.


Partnering with Existing Programs that Target Specific Communities and Populations
Throughout the county there are health outreach programs that deliver preventive and health education services to specific communities and populations within each SPA. These programs may welcome added support and volunteers, and there are ample opportunities to partner with such programs. These organizations may offer appropriate sites for a health fair to providing health education and preventive screening services to specific communities and ethnic groups.

Hosting your Health Fair at a Community Park/Recreation Center
There are over a hundred parks and recreation centers in Los Angeles County alone. Every park in Los Angeles County is a designated Healthy Parks site: each site is working with its communities to develop Health and Wellness Programs that most reflect their diverse community needs. The Los Angeles Healthy Parks Program offers great partnership opportunities to create healthy communities through people, parks and programs by offering family-oriented and culturally informed, health, nutrition, exercise programs, and educational opportunities that work together to improve the quality of life for all Los Angeles County residents.




Partnering with Faith-Based Health Groups/Health Agencies
Partnering with faith-based health groups or health agencies that have established memberships will allow you to build a long-term relationship with certain communities, improving attendance at your health fair events and providing more opportunities to implement impact and continuity of care assessments.



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