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Administrative Core
The Administrative Core provides scientific and programmatic leadership that ensures that the mission of the Center will be met.

Communities-In-Context Core
This core has as its focus contextual factors that can contribute to the understanding of physical and mental health disparities. The goal of this core is to support a contextual framework and a research data infrastructure to support research in order to identify policies and programs that may help eliminate health disparities.

Community Outreach and Information Dissemination Core
The goal of this core is to put in place a community partnership of key stakeholders who can work together to develop a demonstration model for health information exchange. This core will work with community stakeholders, media, local foundations, and health care providers to develop strategies for strategic communication and dissemination of health research findings, health policies and health related training opportunities that can create healthier communities and increase health knowledge in the community.

Minority Health and Health Disparity Education Core
This core will help to provide the needed structure for cross-fertilization of the many
educational approaches to conceptualizing and addressing minority health disparities.

Pilot Research Module & Pilot Research Projects
This core will provide seed monies for innovative, under-funded or cutting edge research to junior faculty and others. Pilot studies are funded in the hopes of providing information to areas of research that are seen as important building blocks in the needed knowledge to eliminate or reduce health disparities in particular racial/ethnic minority groups.

Quantitative Core
The Quantitative Core will take a leadership role in the identification and analyses of data on minority health to contribute to the elimination of disparities. There are a number of statistical and methodological issues that range from understanding the classification of race/ethnicity to small targeted studies.

Qualitative Core
The Qualitative Core will develop the infrastructure to support strong qualitative research that will identify new proximal and salient factors to target to eliminate health disparities.

Resource Unit
This unit is composed of existing university resources that can be called upon to help the Center in meeting its mission.

Senior Advisory Board
The senior advisors will provide external review of both our scientific progress as well as of the strategic plan. The Senior Advisors will be brought together to evaluate our progress in achieving the overall Center mission and the specific Core goals. The Senior Advisors chosen for this Center bring expertise in areas of health care to the table that can extend the vision of the Center in its strategic planning.

Training Core
The Training Core has the goal of ensuring the development of a ongoing group of scholars who will pursue research, teaching and practice that will assist in the reduction of health disparities. Specifically it will work with racial/ethnic undergraduate students to encourage them to choose careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences to help eliminate the health disparities of ethnic minorities in the United States. Second, the Center will develop a K-12 presentation module geared towards teaching American Indians about science careers that can help find an answer to the reduction or elimination of diabetes in the American Indian community.


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