Bisphenol A facilitates bypass of androgen ablation therapy in prostate cancer

A common plastic molecule to which virtually all Americans are exposed may interfere with the standard medical treatment for prostate cancer, according to new experiments with human prostate tumors implanted into mice.

Hepatitis Risk for East Asians in New York

Click above for an article from the May 11th, 2006 issue of the New York Times on rates of Hepatitis infection amongst east Asian immigrants living in New York.


Reaching Out to Diverse Families

Research on family and community connections with schools has revealed that parents are interested in their children's academic success regardless of ethnicity, culture or economic status. What schools and programs describe as lack of participation from diverse families may  instead reflect a different perspective on what it means to be involved.  A new strategy brief from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) discusses strategies for broadening and deepening involvement beyond the traditional fundraising or party-planning activities. The brief shares that schools that are successful in involving families build on the cultural values and foster communication with families. Successful schools also create an inviting environment for families, facilitate involvement by providing transportation, translators, and other similar services and help parents to support their children's academic needs. Download the brief above for considerations, strategies and resources that are relevant to our work with young children of all ages and settings.

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